Have I become the crazy plant lady? I would like to think not. But the urge to buy more is becoming REAL. I finally jumped on the wagon of getting more plants for inside my house, and truthfully speaking, I love the ones I bought. Who knew they would be great for purifying the air in my house too? Not me!

I can’t lie. I’m definitely not one who can just spew ideas of great plants for everywhere. Do I love planting my sunflowers in the spring? Of course. Do I love buying flowers for my landscape in the summer? Duh. My sister Ashley and greatest friend Allison have truly inspired me to add plants to the inside of my home, and the only thought I’ve had from this whole thing is why have I not gotten them sooner?

Last Friday, Allison and I took a fun trip to Home Depot. And yes, our only mission was plants. Much to my surprise, Home Depot has such a great selection of plants for indoors in the winter months. I had such an array to choose from, but I started out small until I became a little more familiar with all there are to buy for indoors. I decided on a few options: mother-in-law’s tongue, a succulent bunch, and a jade plant.

Aloe Vera Plant

One thing you’ll start to learn about me is that I absolutely love Sugar Skulls. Ever since high school I’ve been drawn to their aesthetic of bright vibrant colors. My mother-in-law just so happened to get me this pot for the aloe vera plant for my birthday. It was a much loved gift! Aloe Vera plants are by far, in my opinion, one of the easiest plants to take care of indoors. The watering is done very minimally, maybe once every ten days or so. I have been known to kill a plant or two in my time, but I have yet to kill this one! Maybe that’s why I love it so much…

The pretty plant that I have sitting on my coffee table is known as Mother-in-Law’s Tongue, or a Snake Plant. Snake plants are great for purifying the air in your home. Having two dogs in the house, I couldn’t resist buying one. Maybe I thought it would just help my house feel cleaner with one, despite all the dog hair and dander everywhere. Either way, I absolutely love it. It is low maintenance as well, rarely needing water. So far so good with keeping this one alive…

These beautiful succulents I purchased from Home Depot as well. There is something about succulents that are just so pretty to me. I don’t know if it is the color, the way the leaves are so full, or all the different shapes. Whatever it is just really draws my attention. I’m not going to lie though, succulents have been the hardest plant for me to keep alive…I know I know. My sister Ashley is an indoor plant fanatic. She has multiple succulents and they are alive and well!And she has been KNOWN to kill several plants might I add. Mine on the other hand…I think my problem has been over-watering. Even what seems to be too little water to me ends up being too much water for the succulents. I will post an update on these beauties….who the heck knows how long they’ll last with me as their caretaker!

Indoor plants can be so much fun. I personally love the pop of color and decorative touch they’ve added to the different rooms in our house. I have even got Adam hooked on wanting more now!

What indoor plants do you have?

I would love to hear your recommendations!

Ta ta for now….