Keto is such a trend in the fitness/health world right now, and I openly admit that it was one of those diets that I originally said to myself I would never do. I swore I’d never change my lifestyle in regards to food just to lose weight. But here I am, a full month into Keto and I couldn’t be happier with how I feel, the weight I’ve lost, and how easy I transitioned into ketosis, when all other diets and lifestyle changes never worked for me.

I was really worried about going into week one. Mostly because I didn’t know how my morning coffee was going to change. Yes, the only concern I had was my coffee! I’m pretty sure I could survive on coffee alone! Okay, but really. I told myself if I could figure out my coffee being keto-friendly, the rest would be a piece of cake. I normally drink my coffee with store-bought creamer. A creamer that usually has anywhere between 5-10 carbs per 2 tablespoon servings, obviously not keto-friendly. But when I would go to Starbucks, my go-to was always a Peppermint Mocha, which I knew I wouldn’t be able to have. I was pleasantly surprised by the keto-friendly options I did end up trying at Starbucks and what I made myself at home every morning.

The Coffee Success

My first go-to at Starbucks has been a Grande Pike Roast with Sugar-Free Vanilla and light Heavy Cream. I ordered it on a whim after researching what so many people recommended who were also doing keto. I LOVED IT. That was my first ah-ha moment. I was so sure I wouldn’t find a coffee alternative that I liked enough on keto. But I loved the coffee the first time I ordered. Since I had found what I was most worried about, the rest of the week kind of came and gone without me knowing or dreading anything.

The main thing I set my mind to focus on the most during the first week was knowing what I could and could not eat. I sort of memorized what kind of vegetables I could eat, what kind of meat, what kind of fats, etc. In doing this, it made it easier for me to succeed in choosing my meals. I knew that if I didn’t educate myself a little beforehand if I became unsure about whether I could eat it or not, I’d probably just cave in and eat it. I wanted to avoid this at all costs. It was a big week of setting myself up for success.

Keeping It Simple

The first week I made sure I did not go over the 20g of carbs per day and minimizing sugar as much as possible. I ate very simple meals. Eggs and bacon. Salads with keto-friendly vegetables. Cheese. Meat. Ham and cheese roll-ups. Truthfully I did not go above and beyond for my meals this first week. I solely only cared about making it as easy as possible for me not to fail or cave and eat something that was not keto-approved.

I started diving into recipes much more in my second and third week on Keto. I can’t wait to share those posts with you! Now I have some questions for you all.

What was the hardest thing you had to overcome your first week on Keto?

What was your favorite meal/snack during that first week?

How long have you stuck with keto?