Hello everyone! I was a little excited to write this post because the most simple update to our living room has been one of my favorite budgetfriendly projects so far! I say that as if I have done so much to my house already, but let’s be honest. We’ve officially been here a year and I have maybe completed two total mini projects. I know I know…I’m slacking!

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If you refer back to my post about the best indoor plants to buy, you’ll know exactly what my living room looked like before. We had a big shag rug, a bulky coffee table (that was really a storage piece of furniture) and some not so colorful pieces. I really wanted to brighten up our living room ever so slightly. And believe it or not, it did not take a lot to do!

As you can see we still have a lot of moving around to do. Like the Animal Print Canvas pictures not being centered (we rearranged the furniture AFTER hanging the pictures…rookie mistake haha!). I am eventually getting rid of that tall shelf lamp as well, and planning on utilizing that right corner wall with all of our wedding pictures. BUT, what we did change as you can see a much more modern approach to a coffee table. Should we get an end table to replace the lamp shelf? I need opinions!

The coffee table actually belonged to my grandmother, she always has such a neat eye for unique pieces. The base of the table used to be a rubbed-bronze look, but Adam and I decided to take some spray paint to it and make it more of the look we wanted to for our living room. We used an antique pewter color, with a metallic finish. I really love how it came out!

I then added some really simple pieces that brightened up the whole area, in particular my fake flower arrangement. I don’t know how I still feel about the fake flowers, as real flowers can sometimes be costly to keep up with weekly. But in the meantime I think this will do!

I cannot forget my favorite candle. For those of you that aren’t familiar with Diptyque candles, you must! I will not lie, they are very pricey. I was able to get this Diptyque Narguile one for under $100, but they are worth every penny. They burn so well, and aren’t too potent smelling. Adam and I love sitting in our living room on Sunday nights chatting with this candle lit.

Now I truly need more opinions! Our house is forever a working project, but what else can I add to my living room to really light up the place!

Should we add another rug or not?

Can’t wait to hear all your opinions!

Much love,