Meet Chevy! Gosh, I don’t even know where to start with him! But I will first start by telling you this is my almost 6-year-old American Bulldog Lab Mix, Chevy. As you can tell by his name, it was not I who named him. Adam most certainly named him! I can’t lie though, the name has suited him well.

We first rescued Chevy when he was 10 months old. I had had dogs growing up my entire life, but Adam didn’t. After we moved in together in 2014, it was a huge goal of ours to get a dog together. That plan came true when we found Chevy at the South Suburban Humane Society when Adam was looking around online on where we can rescue a dog. We did tons of looking before stumbling across Chevy’s (his name was Tennessee at the time) picture.

Rescuing was the only option for me. I’m not one who cares about breeds or needing a specific breed for our home. I love being able to give a dog another chance at a great life. So, when Adam came across his face on the internet, we practically ran to the humane society. And the rest, is well, history!

As you can tell, Chevy has endless facial expressions. Goofy, serious, old, playful. They all always have one thing in common though. All of his expressions show how genuinely happy he is, and that is one of the things that really drew us to him. No matter where Chevy is, as long as he’s around people, he is the happiest dog you will ever meet. He walks like there he has no care in the world, and Chevy likes to remind me to appreciate the small things in life that make us happy.

I do have to add that he is THE biggest baby, though. He has a spirit of getting EVERYTHING he wants when he wants it. And he doesn’t even have to try that hard for it to happen. When Chev wants to snuggle, Chevy gets to snuggle. When Chev wants to play, EVERYONE has to play. The best part of his needy personality is that when he feels he hasn’t gotten enough attention for the day, you better expect him to be in your lap, head on your chest, staring you in the eyes making sure you feel guilty about it. I swear dogs can be way funnier than humans sometimes! Let’s be honest. He’s the firstborn of our two fur children, he may have a tad bit of the spoiled syndrome!

I will definitely post more pictures of our pups throughout our journey, but if you ever want to see more please let me know!

I want to hear all about you! What kind of animals do you have at home?

What are their goofy personalities like?

Can’t wait to talk soon….