And just like that, one year after Chevy we just had to add a second interesting personality to our fur baby dynamic. Meet Ellie! She is our loving, attitudinal, little diva of the household. Between Chevy’s laid back nature and Ellie’s determined attitude, they really have become the perfect duo to our little family.

Ellie was born in April of 2015, and we rescued her in June of 2015. This beautiful girl has quite the story. We truthfully have no idea what kind of dog she is, a mix of all sorts. We jokingly say she is part squirrel, part fox, part cat, and just a smidgen of dog. Lol!

My mother-in-law Mary came across her picture on Facebook through some mutual friends, who had been posting about her to get adopted. Mary texted me a screenshot of the picture, knowing I’d fall in love with her immediately. She wasn’t wrong.

I went on to do some digging and getting in contact with the woman who was fostering her, which happened to be over an hour away from my house. I had come to find out that Ellie (Gypsy at the time) was actually transported to Illinois from Texas just a few days before. She was found on the doorstep of a home during all the crazy storms and flooding that Texas had in 2015 during those months. She had worms, and a broken arm. Once I heard all of this, I was determined to make her ours, having Chevy as a big brother.

Shortly after hearing all of this, Mary, Adam and I set out to meet her. Long story short I ended up taking her home that exact same day. And I couldn’t imagine our small little family without her.

She didn’t take to Adam very well in the beginning. She seemed to be very weary of men, which gave us the impression her broken arm could’ve happened by abuse. But, after a little time, Adam is now her favorite human being in the whole world, despite how painful it is for me to admit that! Haha! But really, she’s the type of dog who is nervous to meet people she isn’t familiar with, but when she does get to know you she is the sweetest most loving dog you could ever imagine. Her favorite thing is waking Adam and I up with kisses EVERY morning on the dot at 7am. Who wouldn’t love that kind of alarm clock?

Napping wherever Adam is is also her favorite thing. When he’s playing video games, she’s right there with him! Did I mention how photogenic she is?

I’m so glad you all get to see are two fur children in our lives, who gives us quite the smile and laugh on a daily basis.

I truly can’t wait to see and hear all about your fur babies! Let me know if you’d like to see any more of our crazy pups!

Talk soon…