I know, I know. I’m far too behind with my Keto updating, but I promise I’m back and ready to post some great things I have experienced living low-carb. The month of August was busier than any month this year, I swear. I am so glad that one, September is my SECOND favorite month of the year, and two, this month is going to be much slower. That means more time for blog posts and connecting with all of you!

Let’s dive into it. I decided to dedicate this post to sharing the 4 major benefits that I experienced being Keto. There are many more benefits I could go into, but these seemed to be the most noticeable of all. The Keto Diet has been getting all kinds of both positive and negative feedback, depending on who you talk to. But in my experience, it has been nothing short of an amazing lifestyle change. Note, the Keto diet isn’t for everyone and I’m not here to tell you to do it. You should always consult a doctor before making any dietary changes. I am simply here to share share my story and experiences doing the Keto Diet.

1. Weight Loss

This is the obvious benefit of the ketogenic diet, or any diet really. This was the biggest bonus for me. What I like about the weight loss on Keto is that it’s steady and quick, specifically in the beginning. Of all the diets or dietary changes I made over the years, I have seen the quickest results going low carb. Like I have said in my previous post about how much I lost in 6 weeks, it felt like that time had flown by and with it some major pounds fell off my body. The scale didn’t just change, I have been losing inches steadily. I haven’t decided which part I get more excited about, the physical changes I see or the number on the scale. Truthfully, both motivate me pretty equally.

In my first week starting Keto, I lost 8 lbs. Now I know a majority of that in the beginning is water and bloat and what not. But after that I steadily lost at minimum 2 lbs a week, and that stayed pretty consistent. Now being 11 weeks in, I have hit a small stall. While this is expected, my body itself is still changing. So a huge benefit of the weight loss on Keto is that you don’t need to be focused on the scale. Even though there will be some weeks the scale doesn’t move at all, you will see the inches of fat still come off your body.

2. Energy

This by far has been my next favorite thing being Keto. I used to be one of those people who would rely on any kind of energy drink sometimes more than once a day. I look back and it makes me cringe how horrible I used to be to my body…intaking that much caffeine just gives me a headache thinking about it! But seriously, that is how much caffeine I felt I needed to get through my days sometimes.

The kind of increased energy I have experienced while doing in Keto is unbelievable. When you’re in ketosis, the source of your fuel is ketones. Ketones give the body a sort of constant energy, also increasing concentration. I wake up every morning without feeling groggy or fog-headed. I wake up feeling well rested and ready to start my day.

This energy is sustained throughout the day as well, not just in the morning. I never hit that “crash” that we’re all used to when it comes to trying to give ourselves more energy by drinking coffee or energy drinks. It is so much more enjoyable to be able wake up refreshed and go and go and go throughout the day until my head hits the pillow at night. Now don’t get me wrong… I still am drinking my ungodly amount of coffee throughout the day. That is just because I truly do love the flavor of coffee and I’ve been much more conscious of drinking more decaf than regular. So I promise it’s not just the caffeine from the coffee giving me more energy.

3. Better Sleep

I’m starting to realize that all good things Keto flow together like they’re all pieces of some greater puzzle. For example, my sleep. As a sufferer of anxiety and depression for years, sleep was something that was sparse for me, even after overcoming depression. It was super hard for me to fall asleep at night, and even worse, I couldn’t stay asleep. My mind would forever be wandering in directions that didn’t allow me to relax and fall asleep. Not getting enough sleep would make my days difficult, and always leaving me in a bad mood. For those of you who don’t get enough sleep, you know when I mean when I say the next day sometimes the Hulk would come out…

Keto has changed that for me, and sometimes it is still hard for me to believe. I no longer sit there and worry about going to bed. That’s such a weird thing to “worry” about, right? That was my life though. Almost dreading going to bed because I knew how tired I was, but also knew that I wouldn’t be sleeping. I hop in bed now and I’m asleep within minutes. Referring back to my post about the things I did to change my life, when you wake up at the same time every day and go to bed at the same time every night your body gets into a pattern, almost anticipating my sleep schedule. Throwing Keto in the mix on top of my routines and I’m now able to get at minimum 6 hours of solid sleep a night. Before Keto, that was unheard of.

4. My Skin

I’ve been a sufferer of acne over the course of the past decade I would say. I’ve never had horrible acne, but enough to where my skin would have some really good days and also some really bad days. Since starting Keto, this was a huge unexpected bonus I have experienced. In the past 11 weeks I think I have maybe experienced maybe one or two periods of some sprouted pimples. But for the most part, my skin has not only cleared up, it just straight up feels and looks healthier.

I would like to think this is attributed to the insane decrease in the amount of sugar I am putting in my body. Keto focuses on no added sugars and low sugar fruits and vegetables in general. I have far fewer breakouts now and the texture of my skin has even changed. Having combination skin thats both oily and dry, texture was something that I always had but hated dealing with. I’ve noticed how much more even my skin tone is now, being able to go days without wearing any makeup. I know there are plenty of you out there who know what am amazing feeling it is to not have to wear foundation or any kind of makeup product on your skin.

While there are so many benefits that I have experienced doing Keto, these are the ones that stood out to me the most. But I would love to hear all about your positive experiences!

What things did you notice the most when doing Keto when it comes to your body?

What other benefits did you experience on other diets that are similar?

Talk soon…