SPRING IS HERE! Well, not officially but its March 2nd and I have convinced myself that we’re rounding the corner to warmer weather, sunnier days and flowers galore! Who’s with me?

Spring cleaning, spring flowers

Winter in the Midwest isn’t my favorite thing of all time. We have gotten more snow in February than we did most of the winter which made the season feel much longer than normal. Those winter blues were definitely starting to kick my butt. However, we’ve had 60 degree weather the past couple of days. All the warmth and sunshine is just the beginning of this beautiful season ahead.

Spring cleaning can consist of many different things depending on who you are. It can mean actually deep cleaning every nook and cranny of your house. Like all those baseboards full of cobwebs you ignored all winter. Spring cleaning to others can be purging all your winter clothes back to their dark and gloomy closet, while you bring out all your fun and bright wardrobe for Spring and Summer.

The year of 2020 is a year of growth and change for me. In the realm of cleaning and wellness, I’ve introduced an entirely different world that I can’t believe I didn’t start sooner. Have you thought about making your home cleaner? And by cleaner I mean less chemical-filled and less toxic?

Spring Cleaning Game Changers

Two things. Two things that I have incorporated into my home to cleanse and purify my house for spring. And I’ll tell you what they are. Are you ready?

Essential oils and Thieve’s Cleaner. SAY WHAT.

Yup. Pretty simple. But, you’re probably thinking ‘What the hell are essential oils and Thieves cleaner?’ Here’s the short answer: Toxic free plant juice that is all natural and changing the way I live. But that’ll be for another blog post. For now, I’m using them to completely change my Spring Cleaning routine. I’m certain it’ll change yours, too.

What are essential oils?

There are all kinds of essential oils out there. But, they’re not all created equal. Young Living is a company that I swear by when it comes to using pure 100% therapeutic grade essential oils to remove the toxins and chemicals from my home. Other essential oils that you would find in Target or Walmart can be filled with synthetic fragrance, which actually makes it not 100% pure and essentially full of toxins. Which next brings me to the Thieves cleaner.

Thieves cleaner is an essential oil-infused household multipurpose cleaner that can virtually be used on anything. And when I say anything, I really mean anything. Just last week my husband used it to clean the inside of his truck. Yesterday I used it to degrease my stove. This morning I used it clean of all the dog slobber off the front window in my living room. You name it, I use Thieves to clean it. I’m not joking, either. The cool thing about thieves is that it comes in a concentrate, so you dilute to your liking and can even customize it. Sometimes I’ll add essential oils to it to make it smell however I want. Alone, it smells like heaven in a bottle. Aromas of cinnamon, citrus notes, clove, rosemary, eucalyptus…all the things that just smell amazing. Who doesn’t want their house smelling heavenly for Spring?

Spring cleaning for me involves wiping down every surface in my house, opening the windows and letting that fresh flow through the windows. It makes me feel like I’m kicking winter out of the house and welcoming the sunshine, flowers, and spring showers.

I start room by room and use my Thieves cleaner to wipe down alllllll the surfaces. Baseboards, walls, tables, windows. EVERYTHING. I use it in my bathroom, kitchen, office, even our cars, like I said. Cleaning things off in your home after the winter just feels liberating. It feels like you’re lifting away the darkness and letting in all the light! It actually boosts my mood, too. Do you feel good after cleaning your house for Spring?

Bring In That Fresh Air

I also use essential oils aromatically. I use them every day, however for Spring cleaning its the cherry on top. If you don’t diffuse essential oils, I suggest you look into it. Opening the windows, diffusing essential oils to purify the air, and cleaning out your house is the perfect way to get prepared for Spring.

Diffusing essential oils helps support our bodies in amazing ways. It helps our sleep patterns, mood, helps support our immunity…the list goes on. Truthfully speaking, I contemplated using essential oils for about five months before I actually made the transition. Looking back, I wish I didn’t wait that long.

Using a diffuser is pretty simple too. In go the oils, add water, and turn it on. It’s literally that simple. Diffusing essential oils in my home is the best method for purifying the air and creating that healthy atmosphere. All the yucky germs from the colder weather need to go! Diffusing oils like lime, lemon, citrus fresh, even peppermint….brings all the Spring vibes I need to kick out the Winter grossness.

Some people don’t realize how easy it is to bring non-toxic cleaners into your home. I like to call it the Ditch and Switch method. Ditching the toxins, and switching to the non-toxic living. Spring is the perfect time to do so.

If you’re interested in learning more about non-toxic living and the benefits of using essential oils, head over to my page about it. I’d love to have you join an amazing community with great support and all the tips for using essential oils.

What is your favorite thing to do to prep for Spring? I need all the ideas I can get!