• SPRING IS HERE! Well, not officially but its March 2nd and I have convinced myself that we’re rounding the corner to warmer weather, sunnier days and flowers galore! Who’s with me? Winter in the Midwest isn’t my favorite thing of all time. We have gotten more snow in February than we did most of the… [Continue Reading]

    March is here, Spring Cleaning is in the Air: Non-Toxic Style
  • It all started on June 18th of this year. My youngest sister, Alyssa, had already been raving to me about this low-carb living lifestyle for months at this point. The Keto diet has been all the craze for a lot of people. I finally mustered up the courage to say “Why the hell not?” The… [Continue Reading]

    Trying the Keto Diet: Why I’ll Never Go Back
  • Let’s face it. If we could just be happy all the time, we would! But life’s not that simple….or can it be? My answer would probably differ depending on what day you asked me, and what time of the day you asked. If you’re anything like me, sometimes we just need something to help boost… [Continue Reading]

    5 Tricks & Tips To Boost Your Mood
  • What a whirlwind 2019 has been. It’s only September, and a lot can happen in the next 3 months, but I would say as a whole this year has been nothing short of endless lesson learning. All in good ways, of course. If you’re at the stage in your life where I am right now,… [Continue Reading]

    4 Things To Let Go Of For Next Year
  • Okay, I know. It’s only the second week in September. Technically we have like at least 10 more days until fall officially hits. But let’s be real. For the rest of my fall obsessors out there, we all know fall begins the second September 1st hits. Am I right?! Everyone has their Fall Bucket List,… [Continue Reading]

    Fall Bucket List (Date-Night Edition)

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